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This site provides useful tools for people who wish to learn Japanese online for free. First, there is the interesting Fujisan Kana Quiz testing tool. Learn how to write the hiragana here. If you masterd it, take a shot at the Kanji glyphs, using our flashcards. You can also play the fun memory game with a variety of difficulties.

It is quite easy to start to learn Japanese. Select one of the links on the left that best suits your interest. For example, it's a lot of fun to discover the different writing modes. You can use the script tables to learn the glyphs, then test your knowledge with the Fujisan flash quiz. While testing, you will memorize the so far unknown characters. So visit one of our sections:

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Learn japanese writing - to get to know the very interesting scripts
Fujisan kana quiz - to learn and test your kana (hiragana, katakana)
Learn basic japanese phrases - konnichiwa, sayonara and many more
Learn basic japanese grammar - discover how simple it is!

Japanese is unlike most of the western languages. It is mostly concise and straight forward. For example, there is no conjugation of the verbs depending on the person and number, and no suffixes for plural for nouns. Though, the writing is a bit more challenging. There are three scripts: hiragana, katakana and kanji. The knowledge of the first two can be tested using the Fujisan Quiz.

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