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Kanji flashcards

In order to view the kanji charaters correctly, your computer must have Japanese language support installed. To have this accomplished, you can perform the following instructions: how to display Japanese.

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  • strokes - number of strokes needed to write the character
  • grade - kanji sybols are divided into grades depending on their complexity
  • radical - the original Kanji from wich the current is derived
  • onyomi - Chinese reading
  • kunyomi - Japanese reading (both readings can be in use!)
  • meaning - English translation
  • prev - go to the previous glyph
  • rand - go to a random glyph
  • next - go to the next glyph
  • check - the meaning is displayed in the same time as the Kanji glyph (learning mode)
  • no - the meaning is not displayed (testing mode)
  • time - the meaning is displayed after the the Kanji with a short time delay (testing mode with instant verification)


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